The Benefits of Professional CCTV Installation in Dubai

Are you interested in doing a CCTV installation in your home for maximum security? Find out why you should get a professional instead of doing everything yourself.


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When moving to Dubai, many expect to live tranquil lives without worrying about crime. However, while the burglary rate has slightly decreased over time, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still at around 5%. Theft also went up to 9.9%, so homeowners need to find the most effective ways to protect their homes.

Individuals have turned to surveillance cameras, specifically CCTV installation, to increase home safety. The trend has seen significant growth, and the market is expected to expand by 11.61% annually this decade. Still, many people want to install these systems themselves, which can do more harm than good if not done correctly.

What Is CCTV and Why Should You Install It on Your Property?

CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television), frequently known as a closed-loop system, is a type of video surveillance where the broadcast stays at home. This means that nothing recorded in this security system ever gets broadcast across a public airwave. 

Schools, bars, and other commercial establishments use this kind of security system, but they have also become widespread in residential properties. Its purpose is to discourage criminals from putting a target on your home while recording any potential criminal activity. 

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Installing CCTV 

CCTV camera installation Dubai is also used to get live footage from at-home workers. For instance, if you have children that you leave in someone else’s care during the day, a system with a nanny cam can show you that everyone is doing their job. These cameras can also give you live footage of your pets throughout the day, should you need to leave them at home for an extended time.

Advantages of Professional CCTV Installation Dubai

DIY installations went up by 40% in the past couple of years, with people preferring to do things themselves rather than hire a professional. This trend includes surveillance installation, as homeowners are trying to cut costs. That said, considering that your security is at stake here, there are several reasons why CCTV camera installation should be done professionally. This can include the following: 

Increased Reliability

When it comes to CCTV cameras, proper installation can ensure the system is reliable. For instance, if the wiring is done incorrectly, certain parts of your surveillance system might not operate correctly, leading to blind spots. Incorrect positioning of the camera could also make the surveillance system unreliable, as you may not be able to access the areas you want to. 

Professional CCTV installation could prevent that from happening, as a certified installer has enough expertise to do a proper job. They are familiar with all the settings and the appropriate positions, reducing the risk of a malfunction. This gives homeowners peace of mind, along with minimal need for system maintenance. 

Better System Quality

Many homeowners are tempted to buy cheap electronics despite being advised against it. When it comes to CCTV cameras, this can quickly turn into a double-edged sword. For instance, a low-priced “deal” can be of such low quality that it wouldn’t last a year in your home. Even if the camera has high resistance, there’s a good chance it might not be compatible with your devices or offer the exact features you need.

When you get the service from a professional, you know that the equipment is high-grade and can address all your needs. A certified installer will ensure that the product meets all industry standards and that you get all the benefits at a reasonable price. Whether you are looking for a system with reliable night vision or superior resolution, you can be sure that experienced companies are familiar with all the latest technologies.

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How to perform CCTV installation Dubai

Better Security and Privacy

An incorrectly installed CCTV installation Dubai can put you at risk, especially as a good hacker can have no qualms about breaking through your cameras. The right tech flaw can give them an opening, offering cyber-criminals everything they need for a ransomware attack. They can also control what the cameras record or don’t, potentially letting them slip through your home if they choose to. 

A professional knows how to install a CCTV system without leaving any vulnerabilities in it. This way, not only will your private records remain safe, but the property will always be under surveillance. This can give owners some peace of mind while in the comfort of their own homes.  

Ongoing Support

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of professional CCTV installation is that you get continuous support and maintenance. Once you install the CCTV yourself, there is a good chance that you might void your warranties, especially if you make modifications to the system. Moreover, you may be able to follow basic instructions on installing it, but if something goes wrong, you might not know how to fix it properly.

Reputable installers like My Smart Home offer ongoing support, and warranties are often renewed with each home installation check. They can verify the system every year, ensuring everything is in optimal condition. A DIY system can be time-consuming and frustrating because you will have to troubleshoot your own problems should they arise. 

Legal Compliance Assurance

CCTV cameras might be installed on your property, but that does not mean they are lawless. Dubai laws and regulations also need to be respected – some for your benefit and others to protect your neighbors’ rights. Failure to adhere to these regulations could result in fines and other legal issues, especially if the footage gets leaked. 

Our professional CCTV installers are familiar with all the laws and regulations, ensuring no clause gets broken. Regardless of the property type, they will know where to install the cameras, how to point them, and more so that they do not violate anyone’s rights.

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Legality of CCTV cameras Dubai

Customized Security Options

Every property is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all approach that works for residences. For instance, your property might have vulnerabilities requiring extra attention, and the standard package may not suit your needs. Some might also require only indoor cameras, whereas others could need multiple types of surveillance. Similarly, while some are more concerned with day surveillance, others might need systems that perform best in the dark.

Professional CCTV installation Dubai often comes with an assessment of the property, going beyond the visuals. This way, the team can take a proactive approach to ensure no stone remains unturned. Similarly, if you only need certain parts of your property to be placed under surveillance, they can choose the right components to provide optimal coverage. Their meticulous planning and a keen eye for detail can reduce oversight risks, giving you a better feeling of safety. 

The Bottom Line

CCTV installation done professionally has higher reliability and could ensure you experience fewer problems in the long run. Calling on a high-quality service saves time and offers compliance with the regulations while keeping your property under surveillance. While that may sound like something easy to do, it takes a lot of effort to find reliable, professional and expert CCTV installation companies, and that’s where My Smart Home stands out. We have expert technicians who know their work. You can also use our smart living consultancy if you are unsure about which CCTV system is best for you.

People also ask

What are the benefits of installing CCTV cameras?

CCTV cameras can have numerous benefits, the main ones being crime prevention and deterring vandalism. You can also use these systems to monitor the activity of your staff and handle disputes should incidents occur anywhere on your property. 

Do I need permission to install CCTV cameras on my property?

Yes, while you may be on private property, you must obtain permission from the Dubai Police to install the cameras. This ensures compliance with the regulations in the area, especially if you live with more people in your home.

Are CCTV installations easy to maintain?

For the most part, CCTV cameras are easy to keep running, requiring yearly services to ensure everything works properly. That said, if you have outdoor cameras and live in an area where the weather tends to get very bad, you should consider more frequent maintenance sessions. 

Can you integrate a CCTV system with other security measures?

While this depends on the components you use for your home systems, most CCTV installations in Dubai can be easily integrated with other alarm or control systems. Ideally, you should check in advance if the connections are compatible. 

For this exact reason, you should get professional CCTV installation instead of trying to mix and match everything yourself. Experts know how to integrate multiple systems and ensure everything works accordingly.

What type of CCTV camera installation is best for my home?

The type of CCTV cameras you get for your property will likely depend on the area where you want to have them installed. Dome cameras are mainly recommended for indoor use, as they offer wide angles and discreet designs. 

When it comes to outdoor use, bullet cameras are better, as they catch footage from long-range while being resistant to all types of weather conditions.