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Elevate Your Comfort with Advanced
Smart Climate Control

Are your AC units giving
you hard time?

Too hot? Too cold? Sore throat? Dry air?
At My Smart Home we know how challenging it may be living in a climate where temperature can range up to 40 degree in Centigrade.

Most AC units are not designed for such temperature differences, thus they are not performing well all year round. Also, as we know, developers won't be spending money on top performing AC solutions.

Changing whole AC system is just too expensive and in some cases even not really possible.

We have a perfect solution for this problem.

Comprehensive AC Services for Every Need

Our range of services includes AC supply and installation, routine maintenance, and emergency repairs, ensuring that your climate control system operates flawlessly. Leveraging the latest in smart technology, our systems are intuitive, efficient, and seamlessly integrated into your home environment.

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Tailored Solutions for Optimal Climate Control

At My Smart Home, we understand that each home is unique. That’swhy we offer customized climate control solutions, designed to fit the specific needs and preferences of your living space. From smart thermostats to advanced AC systems, we ensure your environment is always comfortable and inviting.

Why Choose My Smart Home for Your Climate Control

Whenyou choose My Smart Home,you’re choosing a partner committed to your comfort and well-being, and we provideadvanced solutions. Tap into our smart climate management skills and knowledgeto make your home a haven of comfort.

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Client Testimonials

MySmartHome team transformed our apartment into a connected home with ease. They were getting into each detail, super professional, and could explain easily everything even for a smart home beginner. The custom system they installed gives us peace of mind. Highly recommend!

- Nicola from Dubai
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Client Testimonials

The automation solutions from My Smart Home have significantly enhanced our daily living. From automated curtains to climate control, every aspect was tailored to our needs.

- Mohamed from Abu Dhabi
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Client Testimonials

We were looking for a smart entertainment system, and My Smart Home exceeded our expectations. The installation was seamless, and their team was incredibly helpful throughout the process.

- Linda from Dubai
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Connect with
My Smart Home

Ready to transform your living environment with our innovative climate controlsolutions? Contact My Smart Home today to install a system that brings not just comfort but a new standard of living into your home.

Let us help you create a home that’s not only smart but also naturally attuned to your well-being. Our team is ready to guide you in achieving an indoor climate that’s precisely controlled for your ultimate comfort and health.

People also ask

What is smart AC controller?

Smart AC controller is usually referred to a smart thermostat, mostly used in retrofitting as an addition to the existing AC unit, only making it work in a more effective way. Still, in some cases, having only thermostat is not enough and some AC units will required additional adapter besides the AC controller.

Can you make your AC smart?

Yes, you can make your AC smart. You can do that in 2 ways: I) By replacing existing AC controller (Thermostat) with an intelligent controller, which will not only monitor your room temperature and give commands to the AC unit, but as well learn and adapt to keep your home temperature stable and consume energy. II) By connecting the existing AC controller to a more advanced Smart home system (f.e. Loxone miniserver) via special adapter. In that case the software will control the AC unit via existing Thermostat, only in this case providing with algorithmic commands.

Is smart AC worth it?

Considering if it's worth to invest into upgrading your AC unit, you need to consider few things: are you happy with your existing home climate? Do you think your electricity bills for AC are low and not meaningful to you? If you answered any of those questions "No", this means the answer is Yes. So smart AC controller can help to improve your wellbeing by controling your home climate; as well it can help reduce the energy costs.

How to convert normal AC to smart?

By either installing a smart Thermostat and replacing existing (not so smart) AC controller; or by using an adaptor or bus connection and connecting your AC unit to a smart home system like Loxone miniserver or KNX.

Can I have more climate control with a smart AC?

Yes, you can. Not only you can have more control on existing Thermostat, but you can add additional temperature sensors if your AC is split between several rooms. This way you can control that neither of the rooms would not get too hot or too cold.

What brands probide the best smart AC thermostats?

Very popular thermostats are Nest and Ecobee, but each one of them has certain advantages and disadvantages. Biggest disadvantage - they work independently and control only the AC units. We are providing more robust solutions like Aqara and Loxone. In this case, the AC thermostats are connected to the whole house system and can be controlled in a more smart approach, f.e. shutting down AC unit if door or window is left open to prevent high energy losses.