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Transform your living environment with MySmartHome, where innovation meets practicality, bringing you the ultimate in smart lighting solutions. Our dedicated team works closely with you to understand your lifestyle, ensuring each lighting control system we integrate is a perfect match for your home's ambiance and your family's needs.

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Tailored to Your Lifestyle

Every household has its own rhythm and character, and at My Smart Home, we celebrate this diversity. Whether it’s setting the mood for a quiet evening or energizing your home office, our smart lighting systems are tailored to support and enhance your daily activities, providing just the right light when and where you need it.

Smart Lighting: A Symphony of Efficiency and Aesthetics

Smart lighting is more than illumination; it’s about creating an atmosphere that complements your life. It’s the gentle wake-up light that starts your day right, the dynamic colors that turn parties into celebrations, and the subtle dimming that ushers in a night of peaceful sleep. With My Smart Home, experience lighting that dances to the tune of your life.

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Sustainability and Security

Beyond aesthetics and convenience, smart lights with MySmartHome brings enhanced security and sustainability to your doorstep. Programmable scenes and schedules not only reduce energy consumption but also ensure your home is well-lit when needed, deterring unwelcome visitors and giving you peace of mind.

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Being part of the My Smart Home family means more than just enjoying the latest in smart home technology it's about pioneering a lifestyle of innovation and comfort. Discover how our tailored solutions can transform your space into a home of the future.

People also ask

What does smart lights do?

Smart lights is a concept that can be understood in 2 ways: I) Smart lights as a full smart home solution to have a smart light control over your house. It can be automatic light actuation, dimmering, energy savings. This solution can be achieved in several ways. II) Smart lights as smart light bulbs. In this case the narrative is about light bulb that has installed chip which can help control the state, intensity and, sometimes, color of the smart bulb remotely.

What are the disadvantages of smart lights?

The most obvious disadvantage is the price. Any smart light solution is more expensive than a standard manual solution. When talking about smart light bulbs, they may be costing few times more than a standard light bulb. Depending on the manufacturer, power and quality, one bulb can cost from 25AED up to 100AED and more.

Are smart lights a good idea?

In general - yes, of course! Any smart light solution will provide you with comfort, safety and cost efficiency. Having smart lights in your home brings you a spectrum of versatility. Either it's for low-light night scene, or maybe you just forgot to turn of the lights rushing to your 2 week vacation, convenience is worth the investment.

Do smart lights need a Wi-Fi?

Not necessarily. If you have a wired smart home installation, you can use a simple light bulb or LED strips. Only when you buy a fully controllable smart light bulb, only then it has to connect to Wi-Fi network.

Do smart lights consume a lot of electricity?

On the contrary. Besides the initial investment, smart lights are actually saving electricity, as they may be set to turn off remotely if forgotten or while not in use, as well the dimmable ones consume way less electricity if they are dimmed.